Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two New Releases from Super7

    Who is the devil that invented that plastic Easter grass that you use to fill Easter baskets with?  That's something Cobra Commander wished he thought of, cause that stuff is almost as impossible to get rid of as your weird cousin who just needed a place to crash "for a few days" back in '05.  It gets eaten and deposited in the litter box, it gets stuck in the vents, and wedges itself in the cracks on the bottom of your shoes so it can spread its evil everywhere you go.  That stuff was sent to unhinge our society.

    Super7 might send you some packing peanuts when you order a toy, but they're not the type of folks to send you unwanted plastic grass.  They will be more than happy to send you a Mixed Parts Mystery Fighter in a giant egg.  No joke, each on really comes packaged like it was laid by a big plastic chicken.  Get one for yourself on Thursday, March 24th at noon pacific time for $65.

   If you happen to be at Wondercon this Friday the 25th you need to visit booth #2114 and snag one of these Ghost Ghoul Skeletor figures.  Then turn the lights out in your home and do your best to scare your vintage He-Man collection half to death.  Don't worry if you can't go to Wondercon, cause everyone will have a shot at them online and in Super7 locations on March 26th at noon pacific time.  Once again, $65 will get you one.  

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