Monday, March 14, 2016

Stranger Factory Presents: Paul Kaiju

    You know what I hate: art critics.  And I hate the people that stand in front of museum paintings and wax philosophical about how an artist was struggling with a bout of hemorhoids and how if affected the troubled faces of the people he painted.  Who gives a crap (pun intended).  Nickelback may be singing about the deepest stuff that would forever change the way I look at the world but until their music becomes anything other than the sonic equivalent of sports sandals I'll never know the difference.  I like art that looks cool; that I can wake up every morning excited to look at.  I like to be aesthetically pleased.

    I would straight lose my mind if I could see this Paul Kaiju show at Stranger Factory.  The place is going to be filled with his monstrous creations and I would bet money no one tries to impress their date by explaining the political significance of a Mockbat in these troubling times.  They're just gonna smack themselves to stop the trance it puts them in and try to buy it before anyone else can.  The show opens Saturday, March 19th and will only be visible for a few days.  If you're interested in buying something I would get there opening night because anyone who collects toys would punch their own grandmother to own one of the pieces.  Don't worry, my grandma is tough and a few knuckles to the jaw ain't gonna slow her down.

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