Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Full Color and Soft Vinyl! It's Skeletor from Super7

     You know what would be awesome about being Skeletor?  Besides living on Snake Mountain or having a gang of minions that do what you say, those are pretty much a given as to being really cool perks.  But one you may have never thought of is having a head that is only a skull.  Hear me out now, cause if you've ever suffered from sinus problems you're about to be on my side.  By having nothing but skull you have no tissue to get inflamed, no ability to produce mucus that clogs your head and makes you feel gross, and if anything were troubling you in your sinus cavities you could easily solve any problem with a flash light and roofing nail.  Can you tell I've been sick this week?

     Super7 has been killing it recently and there's no stopping them with this sofubi Skeletor figure.  Dude looks amazing in his full color debut and I need one as bad as Donald Trump needs to come to terms with being bald.  These will be on sale this Thursday, March 3rd, at noon pacific time for $65 each from www.super7store.com.


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