Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Win a Trip To Wrestlemania While Supporting a Great Cause

    I don't have to tell you how tough Mick Foley is.  The man's body has endured punishment that would send a Mac truck to the junkyard.  His post wrestling life however has been defined by his generosity to those in need, and now he's giving you the chance to help out a great charity and win the vacation of a wrestling fan's life.

    Check out this link right here and for as little as $10 you could be on your way to this year's Wrestlemania is Dallas, Texas.  You'll also receive tickets to RAW,  Axxess, and diner with the hardcore legend himself.  Maybe if you're nice he'll let you toss him off the top of a steal cage.  Probably not though.

    100% of the proceeds from the sweepstakes will benefit RAINN.  

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