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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Skeletor Shogun Warrior from Mattel Creations


    I usually don't write about licensed toys because honestly, most of them are boring.  They're usually the exact same thing you've already seen a thousands times and totally not worth all the dead dinosaurs it took to make them.  But when given some creative freedom, familiar characters can be presented in a way that is not only refreshing, but will make you remember what you love about toy collecting in the first place.  

    Mattel Creations has nailed it with this Shogun Warrior Skeletor figure so damn hard they might be charged with assault.  This is a glorious matchup of one of my favorite supervillains of all time and the giant robot toys from Japan from the 1970's. This thing is massive, standing nearly 2 feet tall and featuring a rocket fist and rocket firing staff.  It will be available tomorrow, Friday April 23, exclusively from for $300.  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Skeletor Halloween Decoration from Super7

  Those jointed skeleton decorations for Halloween were pretty much standard issue when I was a kid.  They were so prevalent that I feel the government just automatically sent you one if you were a tax payer.  Just when I thought it was impossible to improve on that which is already perfect, Super7 said "hold my beer" and created one using Skeletor.  It's big, it's ridiculous, and it deserves to be hung year round.  Made of heavy card stock you can pose him however you like for maximum enjoyment for years to come.  And he glows in the dark to scare you have to death when you have to pee at 3:30 in the morning because you're getting old and your bladder has decided to pursue other interests that don't involve helping you sleep through the night.  

    He's $45 and ships free in the United States.  Pick one up over at  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vintage Inspired Skeletor and Beast Man Sofubi from Super7

    These are what I've been waiting for!  Not that I haven't enjoyed Super7's previous releases of Skeletor and Beast Man, it's just that these two are exactly like the figures I grew up with.  It's the perfect marriage of my interests as a kid and my interests now which is what makes them amazing.  I never get tired of a good nostalgia trip and any dude my age probably feels the same about these.

   Available starting tomorrow (Wednesday, November 16th) as a made-to-order presale, you have no excuse not to get them both.  Now whether you have an excuse to turn you flower beds into Eternia and wage epic warfare against He-Man is something you're on your own with.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NYCC Exclusives from Super7


    Ooooooh New York Comic Con is just a few days away and I've moved some money here, ignored some bills there, and I'm ready to come home with a ton of new stuff.  Some of that stuff will hopefully be from Super7.  Take a look at what they will have and see if you can guess what I want.  (Here's a hint:  it's the Micro Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire).  All of these and more will be available at booth #126.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two New Releases from Super7

    Who is the devil that invented that plastic Easter grass that you use to fill Easter baskets with?  That's something Cobra Commander wished he thought of, cause that stuff is almost as impossible to get rid of as your weird cousin who just needed a place to crash "for a few days" back in '05.  It gets eaten and deposited in the litter box, it gets stuck in the vents, and wedges itself in the cracks on the bottom of your shoes so it can spread its evil everywhere you go.  That stuff was sent to unhinge our society.

    Super7 might send you some packing peanuts when you order a toy, but they're not the type of folks to send you unwanted plastic grass.  They will be more than happy to send you a Mixed Parts Mystery Fighter in a giant egg.  No joke, each on really comes packaged like it was laid by a big plastic chicken.  Get one for yourself on Thursday, March 24th at noon pacific time for $65.

   If you happen to be at Wondercon this Friday the 25th you need to visit booth #2114 and snag one of these Ghost Ghoul Skeletor figures.  Then turn the lights out in your home and do your best to scare your vintage He-Man collection half to death.  Don't worry if you can't go to Wondercon, cause everyone will have a shot at them online and in Super7 locations on March 26th at noon pacific time.  Once again, $65 will get you one.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Full Color and Soft Vinyl! It's Skeletor from Super7

     You know what would be awesome about being Skeletor?  Besides living on Snake Mountain or having a gang of minions that do what you say, those are pretty much a given as to being really cool perks.  But one you may have never thought of is having a head that is only a skull.  Hear me out now, cause if you've ever suffered from sinus problems you're about to be on my side.  By having nothing but skull you have no tissue to get inflamed, no ability to produce mucus that clogs your head and makes you feel gross, and if anything were troubling you in your sinus cavities you could easily solve any problem with a flash light and roofing nail.  Can you tell I've been sick this week?

     Super7 has been killing it recently and there's no stopping them with this sofubi Skeletor figure.  Dude looks amazing in his full color debut and I need one as bad as Donald Trump needs to come to terms with being bald.  These will be on sale this Thursday, March 3rd, at noon pacific time for $65 each from


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Masters of The Universe Retro Action Figures from Super7

   What year is this?  Shane McMahon was on RAW last night and new He-Man toys are coming out. I ain't mad about it though, cause I love a little bit of nostalgia now and then.  And these new figures from Super7 nail it.  You've seen em in black and white, but now you'll have the chance to own them as you all remember them; in full color!!!!!  And just look how killer the packaging art is courtesy of Jason Edmiston.  You know you're gonna need two sets, cause you're gonna want one to play with in the bath tub (don't act like you're not thinking it) and then another to keep pristine on the cards cause they just look that good.  The preorder for these dudes is going on right now over at and they will ship out to you in April.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Enter Skeletor's Lair at Super7 San Diego During SDCC

    Is Super7 going for some Guniness World Record to have the most San Diego Comic Con Exclusives ever?  Not only have they loaded up their booth inside the convention, but they're utilizing their retail space in the city for a whole different event entirely.  Skeletor's Lair is taking over their store with the best Masters of the Universe exclusives you've ever laid eyes on.  But you can't just walk up to the door and be let in, that would be too easy.  You gotta score yourself one of these special tokens from either Super7's booth #4945 or Mattel's #3029 for admission.  Once inside you're gonna probably loose your mind and need medical attention after seeing what's available to purchase.  Here's part one of my rundown for you.  

    You could buy all of these M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired figures and because they're so small, convince yourself that you need way more stuff.  And then you'll get back to your hotel room, open em all up and have a ton of toys to spread out on the bed and roll around on like Scrooge McDuck.  Not that that's exactly what I do after a long day of shopping at a convention and after I confiscate my wife's phone to ensure there is no photographic evidence of it.  

    You wanna get fancier with your He-Man collection?  Then you're gonna need these exclusive resin He-Man and Skeletor resin figures from Amanda Visell.  Both were hand cast and painted and are extremely limited/more awesome than anything you currently own.  


    Let me tell you something.  If you wanna know what's something people are going to be nuts for during and well after the conventions, it's these four figures you see here.  Super7 not only caused a frenzy with their Alien prototype set, but they created a whole new series of action figures that are available just about everywhere.  If you're a collector that is also interested in watching a toy's value grow, these are a no brainer.

    How has this never existed before?  Whoever made this happen is a genius and I want one pretty badly.  This official Moss Man Chia pet is limited to one per person, but I would need two of them because you can't not grow the thing.  But then it would kill me that I didn't have one mint in the box because yeah, I'm kinda weird like that.  Now I have a headache.  

    You know what makes these test shot figures great?  The shear size of them.  I'd fill my house with giant sized Skeleton figures no problem, which may be why I have to take medication to be a functioning part of society.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Chorko from Skinner x Healeymade

    Fun fact:  He-Man was originally conceived as Charles Manson's introduction to the world of acting.  He was gonna play every character in this passion piece he developed while locked away in prison.  Of course by the time he envisioned it He-Man had already been on the air for a number of years and he wasn't allowed to use the phone anymore.  Thems the breaks Charlie!

    Skinner and Healeymade know that ol Charlie Manson's version would have been far superior, so they have created the most epic toy line ever featuring what could have been.  This is Charlie taking on the role of Orko, that weird little floating shirt wizard thingy.  You'd think if you were a good wizard you could hocus pocus yourself some new legs, but what do I know.  This bro is an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con and will only be available from Skinner himself at booth number 5051.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby Skeletor Doll from Mattel

    I take back everything I ever said about dudes playing with dolls.  Well, not all of it, but if the doll just happens to be an infant Skeletor, then by all means.  What can I even say about this that the pictures don't?  It's Skeletor and it's a baby doll.  And this isn't just some little figure that's in scale with the rest of the Masters of the Universe line, no no no, this is the size of something you would by your daughter and go AWWWWWWWWWWW every time she hugged it.  I almost want to have kids because of this toy.  And he comes with a toilet, so he can make his evil little poops and pees.  It really is the first throne any terrible ruler will have in life. 

    So I know you want this, if nothing more than to give as a gift to terrify some unsuspecting child.  Hopefully they won't be too hard to get, as it looks like they will be first made available to people who subscribe to the Masters of the Universe figure thingy that Mattel has.  Whatever's left will be available at this link on June 16th at 9am.  I may be late for work that day.