Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Masters of The Universe Retro Action Figures from Super7

   What year is this?  Shane McMahon was on RAW last night and new He-Man toys are coming out. I ain't mad about it though, cause I love a little bit of nostalgia now and then.  And these new figures from Super7 nail it.  You've seen em in black and white, but now you'll have the chance to own them as you all remember them; in full color!!!!!  And just look how killer the packaging art is courtesy of Jason Edmiston.  You know you're gonna need two sets, cause you're gonna want one to play with in the bath tub (don't act like you're not thinking it) and then another to keep pristine on the cards cause they just look that good.  The preorder for these dudes is going on right now over at www.super7store.com and they will ship out to you in April.

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