Friday, February 5, 2016

Life-size Armored Batman Statue from Hot Toys x Sideshow Collectibles

    Not that long ago I had an incident that made me think about home security.  Like any good man looking to protect his homestead I began to weigh my options.  I thought about obtaining a firearm, or installing a home security system, or even going completely medieval by putting a few severed heads on spikes.  There's nothing quite like a few rotting heads of your enemies to let potential troublemakers know how you play ball.  

    But nothing felt like me (except the severed head thing) and then I saw this.  Standing at over 7 feet tall, this life sized Armored Batman from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles just screams home security.  All I'd have to do is push him in front of my door at night to send would-be burglars running back from whence they came.  Now, hiring Batman as permanent protection for your domicile doesn't come cheap, not should it.  He'll set you back $7999.99, but never you worry because they offer a payment plan.  Check out the details by visiting

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