Thursday, February 11, 2016

Milkboy x Kenth Toy Works Team up for Nadsat Boy Vinyl Toys and T-Shirts

    If you're going to pay tribute to a cinematic masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange is not a bad one to pick.  And it sure beats making vinyl toys based on Deliverance, which I haven't brought myself to watch but am well aware that I do not want to own any collectibles from a film that is famous for a scene involving the phrase "squeal like a pig."  It doesn't speak to my authentic personal brand.

    Kenth Toy Works and Milkboy have teamed up for a sofubi homage to the ultra violence with Nadsat Boy.  This is no little action figure either, as they stand 12 inches tall and are featured in original white and Milkboy pink.  But lest you think they stopped at just making a killer figure, because they also made t-shirts as well, cause you can't have your shelves looking good while you look like a bum, no can you?

      Now here's how you get your hands on this stuff no matter where you live in the world:

Pre-order is available for customers in Japan at MILKBOY Online Shop []  

For Overseas Customers: Please send Email to [] for orders. Sorry, we accept Paypal only.

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