Thursday, February 11, 2016

Strawberry Cream Pie Guy from Super7 Wants to Make Your Valentine's Day A Little Sweeter

    There's a little town in Pennsylvania know as Centralia, where for decades a fire in their coal mines has burned underneath the city.  With a nearly endless supply of fuel the fire has rendered the area uninhabitable save for a few people that remain; and upon their death the state will take over the land and prevent anyone from ever entering again.  This perfectly describes my wife's metabolism.  

    She loves sweets but if they ever attempt to put an ounce of fat on her boy her metabolism turns into King Theoden (look it up, punk) and proclaims "you have no power here."  It's quite impressive and has shocked more than one diner waitress.  

    If your significant other has a sweet tooth but you want to get them something that will last longer than an episode Jerry Springer, how about this Strawberry Pie Guy from Super7.  It's a permanent reminder of their love for all things sugar and its just down right adorable.  He's gonna be available starting this Sunday, February 14th, at noon pacific time for only $25.  Maybe you should get a real pie too, just to tide them over until the figure has the chance to arrive to your house.  

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