Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Learn How Sofubi is Made Courtesy of Candie Bolton and Sharla in Japan

    Have you ever wondered how Japanese sofubi toys were made?   It seems like a closely guarded secret and that knowing the answer puts you in league with the Illuminati.  And lots of people who are newly exposed to this form of collectible are always shocked by how much they can cost, which is easy to understand when you aren't in the know about the work it takes to produce one.  They see four foot tall Star Wars figures in stores for less and that probably confuses the hell out of folks.  But not only is there an artist behind a sofubi toy's design, the production itself is an art form.  Candie Bolton's friend Sharla recently toured a factory where they are producing one of her toys and she filmed the process of it transforming from a melted glob of plastic into a figure.  Check it out below.


    And how jealous are you of her tour of the RealxHead shop with all of those cat figures!!!!!!   I would have to declare bankruptcy after visiting there.

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