Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Otto Bjornik's Shah Mat Dunny Series from Kidrobot

    This Dunny set from Otto Bjornik and Kidrobot gives me major anxiety.  The designs are beautiful, the idea is brilliant, and I love the fact that I have the option to buy a complete set of figures in one fell swoop if I choose to.  What makes me anxious is the fact that in order to utilize them as a fully functioning chess set I would have to allow someone to touch them.  I get twitchy when people look at my stuff too long, so now I'm being asked to allow them to touch them with greasy fingers?  I wish you could experience me hyperventilate through the magic of the written word.  The obvious solution is that I would have to maintain the game board in a safe spot in my house, set up a webcam, and only play versus people living in foreign countries.  I am a genius.

    Of course, most of you are not weirdos (maybe) so you'll have no problem inviting your friends over for a friendly game of chess.  And this is way better than that "Heroes of the Civil War" set your pa-pa got from buying those Time Life books (though if you don't want yours I'll be happy to give it a home).

    You have two different options for obtaining these beautiful figures.  You can be sensible and buy the entire set, including game board, all at once. Or you can live dangerously and buy them as two packs in blind box form, which will include four tiles of the board.  Either way, you need these in your life, and that can happen when they are released on Friday, June 10th at www.kidrobot.com or wherever you procure your designer toys.

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