Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Turquoise Mecha Top from Inami Toys

    The word "turquoise" in the title took me way longer to spell than I probably should admit.  Spell check was like "let me help you with that bro" and I was all like "nah, I got this thing, just you watch".  And spell check did watch.  And in my struggle I could hear a faint snicker coming from my computer.  Spell check is the worst kind of jerk.

    Inami Toys is releasing their latest edition of the resin toy that begs to be played with on June 16th at 8pm eastern time.  Only 8 of them were brought into this world and you can welcome one into your home by visiting  Each piece will cost $70 and bring you hours of entertainment/things to do other than the dishes that have piled up and now have a weird smell.     

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