Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Octoozeball Custom from Plaseebo

    It oozes and it slithers and it the perfect gift for the lady in your life.  Ok, maybe not that last part, unless the lady in your life is kinda twisted/mentally imbalanced/completely awesome and totally marriage material.  You know how I knew I would marry my wife when we were dating?  When I told her I had always wanted to go to the Mutter Museum and she informed me that she had already been multiple times.  Medical oddities and a wall full of skulls really have a way of bringing people together.

    Plaseebo has combined his spooky sensibilities with Tru:Tek's Oozeball and created a light up critter that would look right at home squirming its way across Mars or the ridged landscape of your brain.  He's one of a kind and will be available on Friday, June 24th, from www.plaseebo.net.  


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