Friday, January 17, 2014

Charcoal Grey Dead Kozik Bust from Kevin Gosselin

    Every home needs a Dead Kozik.  Think about the possibilities that his rotten plastic head offers.  Put it on your coffee table to let burglars know that they should turn around and run screaming!  Put a hidden camera in his nose to obtain blackmail material on your kids!  Use it to hold the lid down on your trash can and keep pesky raccoons out!  Put him in the passenger seat of your car to qualify for the car pool lane!  Lay him on the pillow next to you while you sleep for those times that you just want to cuddle!  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

    This charcoal grey version of Frank Kozik's zombie face was created by Kevin Gosselin and is available wherever you prefer to buy your toys.  And if it's not you can ask em to stop being lazy and order one for you.  

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