Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two New Sofubi Figures from Buff Monster Release Tomorrow

    I bet you all were wondering where I was today.  It was no big deal, just had to shovel some more snow like the manly man I am.  Then I had to go to work, where I don't have computer access, so my posts are a bit delayed today.  I hope you didn't miss me so much that you did anything drastic, like shave off your eyebrows or listen to a Justin Bieber song.  

   But here I am now, to tell you about these awesome little dudes that Buff Monster is releasing tomorrow (January 30th).  You could get yourself the hand painted Mister Melty bro on the left for $35 or the unpainted Zombie Mister Melty on the right for $30.  Or get them both because trying to pick just one is too hard.  They go on sale at 10am Eastern time at

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