Monday, January 13, 2014

New Releases This Week from Super7

    I've been off from work now for the past three days, which sounds awesome, but my days have been wasted by being sick.  My sinuses are out to kill me by filling every conceivable space in my head with snot until my skull explodes and they have finally won.  Sounds like a bad way to go to me.

   Crystal Mecha never has to worry about that happening, because he has a giant diamond for a head.  How he sees, or eats, or annoys people with jokes they've already heard is hard to say, but at least he will never know the slow moving hell that is a sinus infection.  

   Foster looks liek he's past the point of caring about whatever illness may infect his little cookie body, as he steadily devours himself and grins like a cheshire cat.  What a twisted little dude.  I bet he's killed before.  

    Both toys are new releases from Super7 that will be available this Thursday, January 16th, at noon Pacific time from

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