Thursday, January 23, 2014

Milk Plus Edition Ludwig Van Resin Bust from Frank Kozik

    This figure just begs to be spattered with blood and sealed in an evidence bag after having been used as a murder weapon.

"It was Colonial Mustard in the study with the Clockwork Orange bust."

    This is the latest edition of Frank Kozik's Ludwig Van bust, this time in opaque white resin.  Don't go smacking the maid in the head with it though, unless she really leaves you no alternative.  You did tell her to stop tucking the blankets under the mattress more than once.  How hard is it really to do less work.  It's like when you go to get a hamburger and you tell them you don't want pickles and they load that sucker up with so many pickles there can't possibly be any left for the next guy.  They went out of their way to be irritating by doing extra work and they deserve swift punishment!  

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