Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mood Palmer from Superdeux

    Finally, a designer toy that I can reasonably hit someone in the face with.  Maybe that's not in fact what he was intended for, but there's something satisfying to me about taking a toy shaped like a fist and pummeling someone with it.  And since it's so shiny and smooth I'm sure the blood would wipe right off.  That's a bonus.  

   Ok Ok, Superdeux never intended anyone to be beaten with Mood Palmer, but how often to you follow a product's intended use to the letter?  My creativity can not be controlled by such parameters.  This is probably why I never went to law school.  These are available in blue or magenta (100 of each produced) for $49 each or you can get one of 100 hand painted versions for $79.  Get em now at

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