Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Toys Dropping Today from Skinner

    I just came inside after shoveling snow and I am seriously aware of my mortality.  I'm out of breath, there is snot frozen to my face, and my arms feel as though they have been ripped from the sockets and put back into place with scotch tape.  Ladies, try to control yourselves. 

    You know who doesn't have to shovel snow?  Skinner doesn't, cause he is smart enough to live in California where crap like that doesn't happen.  That frees him up from the trappings of weather-initiated manual labor and gives him more time to make cool stuff like this.  Like those sweet Baby Huey figures you see up there.  Limited to only 5 pieces, they will be $200 each.  But you want to know what the sweetest deal you'll ever be able to get is?  Look down below at these Minion sets.  You get two hand painted figures for only $75.  And these things aren't small and weak like my muscles either.  And they're shiny, which will keep your cats mesmerized for hours.  All of these otherworldly toys go on sale today (January 22nd) at noon Pacific time from

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