Monday, December 5, 2011

Ajee Kosplay

   I was lucky enough to attend this year's New York Comic Con and while I was there I got to meet the artist behind this toy.  Her name is Ajee and she had these on display but unfortunately they were only samples and you had to preorder the figure a wait a few months for it.  As soon as I got home I pulled out my already tired credit card and snagged one.  Now almost 2 months later I get a package from France and guess what's inside?  I was so excited to finally have it that I thought I'd snap a few pictures and share them with you all.
   This figure is even cooler in person than it looks here.  The sculpt is amazing and the manufacturing is spot on.  I own plenty of figures with flaws in them, whether it be a paint smear or the molds just not lining up properly, but this figure has none of those.  Definitely the best quality control I've ever encountered.  And I love how the piece just looks like it is part of some epic story line that is begging o be told.  There seems to be much more to it than just plastic and paint.
    If you need one for yourself you can now buy them directly from the artist on her website.  They also come in all black and glow in the dark, but the black and white was obviously my favorite and really brings out the angular design.  By the way, these were made by Bonustoyz Epz who have to be commended for their attention to every detail.

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