Friday, December 30, 2011

Bearbrick Series 23

     You can never have enough toys.  There's no possible way.  Not even if you fill your house up, and your family calls the people at Hoarders, and you have to skip a couple of meals a day to buy new ones.  It's mathematically impossible and math is kings my friends, just ask my 9th grade geometry teacher (may he rest his soul).  So that being said, you and I both need more Bearbricks, and the kind folks at Medicom were more than happy to accommodate.  Presenting Series 23, with your usual mash up of artist designs, famous characters, etc.  My favorite has to be the Andy Warhol one, which is at the top and only features his iconic banana print from the Velvet Underground.  It's minimal, which I've grown to appreciate, and it's a Warhol.  I feel that ol Andy would have really been into toys as an art form, so it's nice to see his design put to good use.

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  1. The Warhol design isn't just plain! Check out the pics: