Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yummy Donut Erasers from Heidi Kenney and Kidrobot

    Erasers have long been a collectible in Asia, but we Americans are really just starting to see this trend.  Anyone who shops at Michael's has noticed the little packets of food with the Japanese characters on them.  Well Kidrobot is getting into the game now with these Yummy Donut erasers designed by Heidi Kenney.  Each pack comes with 6 different donuts that you can use, trade, or throw at your friends with little worry about serious injury.  They'll be $5.95 per pack and will be available starting January 12th.  While definitely a niche item, these 1 inch deserts could be a neat accessory to some of your larger figures and could make for some really funny pictures.  Kidrobot also made eraser boomboxes not too long ago, so you could make a ridiculous diorama for your loved one for Valentine's Day.  Believe me, there's nothing a woman loves more.

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