Monday, December 19, 2011

Disney and Spongebob Mini Figures From Play Imaginative

   Here are a couple of new mini figure series we can expect to see from Play Imaginative early next year. First up is a set from Disney featuring a ton of their most popular characters.  The first wave of them should be hitting stores in January.

    Next up is Spongebob and his little fishy buddies.  Each wave of these figures will be released at a different time next year, giving you the opportunity to save up and buy them all.  The great things about both series are they fact that each one will be packaged on a blister card rather than blind boxed.  This take the mystery, and frustration, out of which ones you will get.  Probably a smart idea being as how a lot of kids are gonna want these and from what I'm told kids don't like not getting their way.  

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