Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Toys From Super7 and Christmas Sale

    Tomorrow is Friday.  Super7 has new toys for you to buy.  You should have seen this coming.

    Check out the special Christmas edition of Honoo by Leecifer.  These come blind bagged, so you may get the regular version on the left, or you may get the pimped out Christmas tree version on the right that is filled with tinsel.  You can take the gamble for $35.

     My favorite toy from Super7 has to be the Mummy Boy.  This version is glow in the dark and has a little bit o pink just because.  He's $50 and like the little tree bros above, will be available Friday, December 16th at noon Pacific time.

   And if you've behaved yourself this year or know someone who has kept you up to date on all the latest toy news while entertaining you at the same time, then you should take advantage of the Super7 BOGO sale.  Just buy one toy and get a second half price.  The new releases above don't count, but they have so much stuff on their website you probably will be broke before you realize what you've done anyway.  The sale starts tomorrow and runs through the 19th of December.

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