Monday, December 12, 2011

FatCap Series 3 From Kidrobot

    January 26th marks the long awaited return of Kidrobot's FatCap toys.  14 designers have lent their interpretations to the series, including a a few that really surprised me.  Jon-Paul Kaiser (doing his first toy for Kidrobot), Julie West, and Kronk are welcome additions to the toy line that focuses heavily on street artists (hence the spray paint can design).  These will be blind boxed at $9.95 each and there are two different figures that come with every case purchase.  Those who buy a case in the United States will get a special edition toy by Sket-One, while everyone else in the world will receive one from Scribe.  This is a very cool series and features some of the best designs ever used on this platform.

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