Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carbon Fiber 400% Bearbrick

    You see that Bearbrick there?  It's kinda big, really expensive, and it's not made of plastic.  It's made of carbon fiber!  Ok, I'll admit, I had to take a little refresher course on what exactly carbon fiber was and why I should be excited about it.  Basically it's the same stuff they use to make tennis rackets, parts of car bodies, and tons of other sports related things like fishing rods.  It's flexible, lightweight, and strong.  But it won't stop a bullet, which really disappointed me.  That material is called Kevlar and I now demand that they make a toy out of it so I can take to the gun range and try to blow a hole in.  So Medicom, if you're reading this, your new mission has just been handed to you.  Bullet proof a toy and let me shoot it.  With a gun.  While I video tape it.  

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