Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skeletal Gummy Bears? You Can Make This Happen!

    Is your mind blown yet just by looking at this picture?  Are you really happy that the candy manufacturers remove the gummy bear bones before they sell you their delicious, fruit flavored bodies?  Are you wondering where you can hunt your own gummy bears and bypass the middle man?
    These anatomic gummy bears were dreamed up by artist Jason Freeny and are really, really cool.  But there's a problem.  Famemaster wants to make these toys, has produced prototypes, and has tried selling them to toy stores at trade shows.  But for some reason, no toy store has gotten on board and placed an order.  No orders equals no manufacturing.  So as toy fans, and reasonably awesome folks, let's take matters into our own hands an insure that these amazing creations become available to us all.  Tell Famemaster that you need these, that you would forsake all others just to be able to own one.  Go to and very nicely tell them how much you love them.  Let's drum up enough interest so that maybe we can at least get a small batch of them made and available to us.  And if you own a toy store and would love to carry these please please please let them know of your interest.

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