Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sucklord x Work of Art Judges

     The Work of Art season finale aired last night, and while I was happy that Kymia won, I was sad that Sucklord was only there as a spectator.  But let's be real, he's creative enough to get more out of the show than anyone else involved and this is the proof of that.  Having already captured his own likeness and that of Bravo executive Andy Cohen, Sucklord has now moved on to the very judges responsible for sending him home from the show.  First up is Jerry Saltz, who really is an easy guy to dislike.  I would have to think he falls into the super-villain category, mainly because he's bald (like Lex Luthor) and he wears a suit.  Oh, and he told Sucklord to drop the Star Wars references, which is akin to nerd blasphemy.  Need further proof of his marriage to the dark side?  He also comes in a glow-in-the-dark version:

    He probably got whatever power it is that makes you glow when he made his deal with Satan.  Just sayin.

    You can also get Mr. Saltz in the three pack of people from the show that also includes the always bizarrely attired China Chow and the greatest Swiss man alive Simone DePury.  Simone went on a rant about becoming slaves to chickens last night which really should have inspired Young's art show.  Maybe we can get some chicken slave figures from Suckadelic?  On a side not, China Chow is wearing the spray painted dress that was a definite homage to Alexander McQueen (and you thought I only knew about toys) and also the dress that she wore when Sucklord was eliminated from the show.  What does it all mean?  Probably nothing, I just wanted to show you how much I actually pay attention to all of the television I watch, which could be interpreted as a sad thing.

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