Monday, February 13, 2012

64 Colors x Kidrobot 8 Inch Dunny

    It's a rare event when I use the word "beautiful" to describe a toy.  Sure I've used words like "awesome", or "disturbing" to accentuate how I feel about a certain object, so I hope you enjoy this rare occasion.
   This Supermagical Dunny was created by the brilliant minds of 64 Colors and Kidrobot.  You may know them for their smaller Dunnys that appeared in last year's blind box series or from the plethora of other projects they involve themselves with.  This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen from them.  I love how the design of the tree extends into a sculpted ear, and honestly, I love everything about it.  If you are as smitten with this hunk of plastic as I am, you better get yourself geared up because it releases February 23rd for $75.  There are 1,200 of them out there, so it will probably take awhile for them to sell out.  I'm not one to wait though and will have to own it the moment it's released.

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