Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Star Wars Tees from Super7

    My wife says I can't spend all of our money on toys, which is kinda lame.  I'm an adult, I can eat cookies for dinner if I want to (and I have) so I should be able to buy what I want.  But in the interest of common decency I do at times have to buy new clothes, so compromises are needed.  So what better way to feel like I'm doing what I want yet still being a somewhat responsible adult than to buy my clothes from a toy company?  Step up and meet the genius folks.  

   Super7 has announced a new line of Star Wars tees that will be available this year beginning March 1st with the the 3 designs you see here.  And they're only $25 each, which isn't bad considering how jealous all your nerdy friends will be.  

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