Friday, February 3, 2012

Legends of Mimobot and a Valentine's Day Sale

    Ok, so you have all these genius files on your computer and they're so genius you don't want them falling into the hands of the less intelligent.  What do you do with them all?  You store them in another genius!!!  Albert Einstein is the first design in the brand new series of USB flash drives called the Legends of Mimobot.  I can't think of a better way to save all those lol cat pictures that have been clogging up my hard drive.  On a personal note, I hope they make an Edison vs. Tesla two pack.  Maybe they could each have a black eye from their epic battle over electricity!  Or maybe I'm just getting too excited.

  And if you're in the market for some awesome digital storage devices, why not save some money on them?  Head over to the Mimobot Facebook page here, click the "Like" button, and get 20% off everything!  The offer ends on Valentine's Day, so get to it.

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