Friday, February 17, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Rsin

    Anybody that collects vinyl toys most likely knows who Rsin is.  This guy creates some of the most amazing customs you will ever see and has a style that is instantly recognizable.  He's been talking about contracts and design submissions a bit over on his Facebook page, so hopefully he'll get a production toy that is long overdue.

    What's great about him is that he's not afraid to take risks with rare and expensive toys and always manages to enhance them beyond their original design.  Just look at the limited Huck Gee Skull Head Dunny.  He's done a few different things with this figure in the past, but this is the newest version.  It's hard to improve on the work of one of the true legends of vinyl, but he manages to do it every time.

   I'm also really diggin this Misfortune Cat.  Again, it is a great figure to begin with and is only enhanced by Rsin's talents. 


Check out his websites and order one of his toys before he has to charge a lot more for them.  Believe me, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't.

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