Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Yummy Plush from Heidi Kenney x Kidrobot

    I have a problem and it all centers around dessert.  I'm not really a big food guy, though I enjoy watching Top Chef and The Food Network, it's just that food doesn't do it for me in person.  Except for desserts.  I could eat cake for every meal.  Donuts?  Yeah, I'll take a dozen.  When my wife and I went to Montreal for our honeymoon we ate a total of two dozen Tim Hortons maple glazed donuts in five days.  Not even kidding.  That was our breakfast every morning and a nice snack before bed.  I'm surprised we didn't become diabetic from that trip.  If only Tim Hortons would FedEx me some of those delicious donuts I could try a lot harder to have an issue with my blood sugar.

    Enough about my neurosis, now it's time for plushies.  Kidrobot and Heidi Kenney have created more of those inedible stuffed animals we all love so much.  This go round you can choose from a black and white cookie, blueberry pie, 2 different donuts, and a lemon or lime.  Each toy is 12 inches of goodness and will retail for $24.95.  These can be yours on March 8th.

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