Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harley Quinn Bishoujo Statue from Kotobukiya

    Anyone that knows me knows that my comic book crush is Harley Quinn.  I don't know whether it's the black and red spandex, or the fact that she is criminally insane that draws me to her.  Whatever it is, she is the fictional chick for me.

    The picture you are looking at is what they are basing her new Bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya.  Bishoujo translates to "beautiful girl" in Japanese and if you have seen the previous figures this company produces, you'll know that they definitely live up to that.  Each one stands at around 10 inches tall and retails for around $60, which is very reasonable for a figure of that size and quality.  I put a few photos below of some statues that are already available just so you can get a sense of how amazing this one will look when it's finally produced.  Hopefully these will be ready by the end of the year so someone can buy it for me for Christmas.  I have little to no shame.

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