Monday, February 27, 2012

Frank Kozik x Ronald Reagan Gipper Busts

    I was, shall we say, youngish when old Ronnie Raygun was our president, so I don't remember much about him other than he seemed kinda silly.  Oh, and he kept going on and on about our "Star Wars" defense program which I swore meant we were gonna build a death star and blow up people who looked at us funny cause that's kinda our thing here in America.  Sadly we never got that death star, or even any cool stormtrooper armor for our military which has always disappointed me a bit.  

   But in the spirit of what could have been, Frank Kozik has given us this amazing bust of the man who would have been the Emperor of our Galactic Empire (does that make George Bush Sr. Darth Vader?)  Sculpted by the uber talented Brin Berliner, you have your choice of colors for $200 each.  There are only 50 of each so if you want a particular one you have to act fast.  The red one is available at Rotofugi, the silver one from Frank Kozik himself, the gold one from 3DRetro, and the copper one from Munky King.  

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