Thursday, February 23, 2012

Frank Kozik on Facebook

    If you don't follow Frank Kozik on Facebook then you are missing out on the plethora of information this man has to share with the world.  You'll learn about cars, music, cats and all sorts of other things that you can use throughout your daily life.  What you'll also find out about are toys.  Look at this Kim Jong Il/Elvis mash up.  It's a shame North Korea hates us so much, cause this would have made an excellent head stone for the deceased dictator.

    Next we have this amazingly intricate Mecha Labbit.  evidently the reason why we have never seen this produced before is that everyone is whining about how expensive it would be to make.  Less excuses, more Mecha Labbit building.

     Finally, we have this Qee design called "The Nervous Cosmonaut". We've seen a different incarnation of this released before that was extremely limited and only available at a few locations.  Does this mean there will soon be a release for us poor folks who were unable to get the first one? Only Frank Kozik has the answer to this and many more of our most burning questions.  You should subscribe to him on Facebook before you miss out and feel dumb.

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