Friday, February 17, 2012

DC Comics Mr. Potato Heads

    You can't hate Mr. Potato Head.  This guy has seamlessly transformed himself into every character imaginable and you know you've wanted every one.  I have all the Star Wars Potato Heads because I couldn't resist that special charm of a vegetable with interchangeable parts.  That, and I'm kind of a Star Wars hoarder, but that's another issue entirely.

    Superman and Batman are the latest to get the 'tato treatment.  I'm digging that the Batman figure is based on the costume from the movie and not just his classic get up.  Though that does open the door for them to do other incarnations of the Dark Knight.  There is also a Wonder Woman version coming out as well, I just couldn't find any pictures of the finished product.  Look for these later on this year.

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