Monday, February 6, 2012

TADO x Creo Design Funghi Review

    Usually it's not a good thing when someone tries to send you mushrooms from a foreign country, but this is one of those rare exceptions where it doesn't land you in court.  Check out what I got in the mail last week!  It's a Funghi, designed by TADO and manufactured by Creo Design.  There are 36 different color combinations of this figure which make for a maddening (in a good way) array of possibilities.  I got this awesome guy that looks like he's in mid nap, but the eyes on the one you get could be different as well.

    I liked this design when I saw it online, but I like him even more in person.  The attention to detail is great and the paint is extremely clean.  Each figure is stamped on the bottom of the foot with what number you got out of 60 available pieces, which is a great bonus you will only find in small runs like this.  If you've been on the fence about getting one now is definitely the time to order, because with only 60 of them in the world, these will be pretty hard to find in years to come.   Get yours right now by going here:

Just chillin.

Just chillin as well, but from a more "artistic" angle.

    Each box comes hand signed and numbered by TADO!

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