Friday, February 3, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Jon-Paul Kaiser

    For my inaugural "Custom Toy of the Week" post, I had to feature the work of the amazingly talented and truly nice guy, Jon-Paul Kaiser.  He's already made production toys for Toy2r and Kidrobot and I expect a lot more of his work to be passing through those factories in China and into our hands.   This guy can do more with the color black than most artists can do with a truck load of paint.  Check out his latest custom, a Buddha Mini Munny.  

    Now, I couldn't pick just one to feature, so I also decided to show you this amazing Boba Fett Teddy Trooper.  I'd love to own an entire line of Star Wars toys that looked like this.  If George Lucas is reading this (which come on, of course he is) then these toys need to happen.  Check out Mr. Kaiser's website at for more of his amazing toys.

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