Monday, February 20, 2012

Gary Baseman x The Loyal Subjects: The Buckingham Warrior

    This might be the most bizarre toy I have ever seen in my life.  Gary Baseman and his frequent partners in crime The Loyal Subjects bring you The Buckingham Warrior.  Standing at a massive (for a toy) 12 inches tall, the first edition of this figure is known as The Wolyner Forest Warrior.  There are points of articulation to spare and he comes with a sword and severed head.  You can never go wrong with a little decapitation as far as I'm concerned.  This big chunk of plastic will cost $115, which is pretty cheap when you think of the manufacturing work that went into this, and will be available for preorder February 22nd at noon PST from The Loyal Subjects.  Only 400 of them exist, so make sure you're ready to go if you want to add what is sure to be a great conversation piece to your collection.

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