Monday, February 27, 2012

JK5 x Kidrobot Basketball Toy Thingees

    If R2-D2 had been built in the hood this would have been the result.  Artist JK5 has teamed up with Kidrobot (get it, teamed, like basketball team, oh why have I not been hired by 30 Rock yet?) to bring you this Star Wars/Sportscenter mashup.  Personally, I'm a hockey fan.  I like a sport where the chance of career ending injury is present in every second of play.  Basketball is kinda like if baseball were a bit less lazy and took place in a rap video.  Not my cup of tea.   But I like Star Wars.  Probably a bit too much actually, but not enough to counteract my hatred for basketball.  Which is kinda shocking.  

    Now for the stats:  These stand 8 and 1/2 inches tall and there are 327 of each design.  They are $100 each and release March 8th.  Maybe these are made for lawyers who want to spice up their desks at work; bring a little edge to the office.  Maybe.

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