Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brutherford Industries CMYK Melt Knuckles

Would it shock you to know that these were made in New Jersey?  We have a bit of a reputation for being on the mean side, so it is fitting that these brass knuckles sprung from the depths of the Garden State.  Brutherford Industries has moved away from ice cream and onto something a little....tougher.  These CMYK Melt Knuckles go on sale today at noon eastern time for $40.  They even glow under blacklight, which could be fun for stoners or crime scene investigators.  

    But wait, what is this?  Did I speaketh too soon about his departure from the world of frozen concoctions?  I did indeed, as he has turned his now-famous Ice Scream Man into wearable art.  This thing is legit too, as it's made from 99.9% sterling silver and the cone is plated in 24k gold.  Like everything else Brutherford churns out, these are completely hand made.  For $75 you can finally get yourself a necklace that won't embarrass your friends.  

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