Monday, October 22, 2012

Seen at NYCC: Mimobot

    Mimobot always has the best presence at Comic Con.  They bring their mini store with them and staff it with the nicest people who always look like they're having the best time.  Like my buddy Jess here, who is the smiling face of collectible data storage devices.  She can now add that to her business card and/or Facebook profile.  

    It's hard to get pictures of what they have because they have sooooo much cool stuff.  Like their newest Ugly Doll flash drives (one of which I'll be reviewing on here very very soon) and other brands like Adventure Time, GI Joe and Star Wars.  They're the best way to store your favorite things, your important things, and those things you just can't talk about and would hope that someone has the decency to not mention after you're dead.  Like how many Taylor Swift songs you downloaded.  Weirdo.  

    How many times do you think guys tried hitting on her by asking her "so, what's your function?"  Ok, probably none because they just stuttered, grabbed a free sticker, and ran back to the amine section of the con.  

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