Monday, October 1, 2012

This Needs To Stop

    Kaws has finally gone off the deep end.  It was bad when he literally sold plastic poop on a stick as a way to make fun of the people that are obsessed with his work, but this is beyond dumb.  Yes, it is a ceramic jar.  You could put cookies in it, or candy, but certainly not money because Kaws has already stolen all of that.  Look, I admit I'm not a fan of his work, and if you are that's cool.  What I think is ridiculous about this is the lack of care he takes with his own collectors.  He'll  put x's on anything and sell it for a ridiculous amount of cash.  I get the toy thing, trust me I do.  Lord knows how many color variations of Labbits I have around the house.  But just because you can make something as stupid as this and sell it doesn't mean you should.  It makes you less of an artist and more of a crappy merchandise machine along the lines of Kiss.  Will an entire line of Kaws kitchen products soon follow?  Maybe a toaster that imprints his only design into the bread?  Or a pizza slicer?  Or a Kaws x Swiffer Wet Jet for those tough to clean spills?  

1 comment:

  1. Yup, hit the nail on the head, KAWS and "artists" like him suck.