Friday, October 5, 2012

More Sea-Borgs from Monster Pants to Debut at NYCC

    Monster Pants has thus far had plenty of Sea-Borg dudes to show us, but what about the ladies?  Fear not, for the Sea-Borg Kings shall now have their Queens and be nagged into oblivion.  But these girls aren't content with just tormenting their husbands about their dirty laundry all over the house; they come packing heat.  Each one will be $25 and available first at the Monster Pants booth #3116 at New York Comic Con.   After that you can buy them in their webstore.  

    But you all know what happens when you get all the ladies:  you also get a bunch of people that want to ruin your good time.  These evil Invader figures are out to do just that.  The same release info applies to these awesome looking bad guys.  

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