Friday, October 19, 2012

Custom Toys of the Week: Lisa Rae Hansen

    I couldn't pick just one of Lisa Rae Hansen's toys for the Custom of the Week feature, so I instead chose to show you two of her most recent.  Being that it's my website and this is a dictatorship, I didn't see anything wrong with that.

    For the first one, she has designed a special PigQee to help raise money for the Mattia Fagoni Association.  Mattia is a 5 year old who is suffering from a degenerative disease called Sandhoff Syndrome and his parents have been very involved in the art world helping to generate funds for research and treatment of this condition.

    The second one utilizes the QiQi figure from Creo Design.  What's cool about both toys is they come with wearable pieces so you'll never have to be too far from your collection.  I know I start to get withdrawal when I leave my toys by themselves for too long.  Makes me nervous.  

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