Monday, October 29, 2012

Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire Dead of Night Edition at DesignerCon

    I got to see the original version of this figure while I was creeping around New York Comic Con and it is pretty cool in person.  Things often look good on the internet, only to disappoint you in real life.  Kinda like Facebook pictures.  Girls you know in real life will add you on Facebook and confuse the hell out of you because they use all these weird angles and soft lighting (and Photoshop) and if you didn't actually know their last names you would have no idea who it was that sent you the friend request in the first place.  I'll never understand how anyone can date people they don't know from the internet, because how do you recognize them when you meet them at Applebee's to share the 2 for $20 deal?  You might be sitting with someone who was lonely and wanted a free meal and was scamming you.  Do you think that's a thing?  People just hanging out in restaurants, waiting for people to look like they're meeting someone they haven't met in real life yet, and then pretending to be that person?  I may never pay for meals again now that I've invented this.

    This is Strife and Sire from Nathan Hamill and this black in red colorway is an exclusive for Toy Art  Gallery in Los Angeles.  It will also be available at DesignerCon if you happen to be lucky enough to be going.  Get it at booth #400 for $50.  Only 100 of these were made.

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