Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seen at NYCC: Erick Scarecrow

    It must take a small army to move the amount of toys Erick Scarecrow brings with him to Comic Con.  I mean seriously, just look at all the pictures I took.  He must use some sort of wizardry to fit everything into his booth because nobody maximizes square footage like this guy.  He had a bunch of cool exclusive figures for the show and a bunch of familiar characters from his popular lineup.  The one that stood out the most to me though is pictured just below and to the right.  Pretty weird huh?  It's a huge departure from his typical style of bright colors and cartoonish features.  I really like it and in talking with him you could tell how excited he was to try something completely unexpected.  Hopefully we'll get more info about a release date soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and check out to get your hands on any leftovers from the show.

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