Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raar!s from Dynamite Rex

     Ok, normally I would want to go outside, find a sturdy tree, and fall from the top of it at the announcement of a new platform toy.  But this little guy may make me change how I feel about that.  Just look how adorable these are.  Could this be the next Dunny?  It's a cool shape with lots of space for design and interpretation.  These are Raaar!s and they are made by Dynamite Rex.  You can see them in person at Designer Con as they showcase prototypes from their first series of figures that feature the artwork of Scott Tolleson, Gary Ham, Squink!, Jerome Lu, Martin Hsu, etc.  They will have stuff to buy and you can place preorders as well for (I'm guessing) the first series.  Check 'em out at booth #313.  

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