Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Argonaut Resins Monster Magnets Series 2

    You know what makes me mad?  How much your fridge sucks.  Got ahead, go and look at it and be sad.  You're putting your kid's good report card up there with magnets from the Chinese food place down the street.  It's a sad way to show off their academic achievements.  Get some cool magnets from Argonaut Resins and put their weird stick figure portraits of you up there in style!

    This is series 2 of their popular Monster Magnets and they're ready to add some flare to your fridge.  For $40 you get a set of 6 that you can paint or leave just as they are.  If you have a bit of extra cash and no artistic ability, you can get this artist series painted by Adam Pratt for $99.  

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